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We believe in honoring God by the way we steward the resources He entrusts to us.

Welcome to PanthRex Asset Management – Biblically Responsible Investment Solutions.

Whether you are saving for a house, education for your children, or ultimately saving for you and your spouse’s retirement, our biblically responsible investment solutions can assist you in reaching your goals without compromising your principles.

Biblically Responsible Investing

PanthRex Asset Management was created to offer an opportunity for savings, investment, and retirement planning through Godly stewardship. Our goal is to help ministers, and the Christian community as a whole, in the way they think about and act Biblically in the gathering and distribution of their finances for the advancement of the Kingdom of God and their financial independence. PanthRex Asset Management offers professional money management solutions through a family of Biblically Responsible Investment (BRI) models. The underlying investment funds that make up our BRI models are continuously screened to ensure no investment dollars are invested in companies that are supportive of ideals (e.g. product, service, and/or philanthropy) that are contrary to our Biblical moral imperative. Through our Pro-family, Pro-life, Pro-Community approach, we help you to align your financial stewardship with the Godly principles that you strive to exhibit everyday.

Our foundational principle of investing is that God’s owns everything.  He merely entrusts to us the financial resources we have. It is our responsibility to steward those financial resources in a way befitting to Him.


Our Biblically Responsible Investment solutions are continuously screened to remove companies that offer products, services, and/or philanthropy that is contrary to core biblically-based faith principles.

We do what other’s are unwilling to do, so you can be sure you are investing with integrity!


Our core belief is that God owns everything and we have personal responsibility in how we steward those resources.

That is why we take a pro-life, pro-family approach when selecting companies to be included in our Biblically Responsible Investment solutions.


We are often told by investors that see our investment solutions for the first time, “I never knew there was an option for me to align my investments with my conscience.”

Our partnership with major faith-based organizations is impacting the lives of clergy members, and the Christian community, alike.


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