In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to you Father who is in Heaven. – Matthew 5:16

The Impact of Principled Investing

At PanthRex Asset Management, we have a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)!  Our BHAG for the Christian community is to join together in their decision to invest into Biblically Responsible Investment solutions.  The result of this decision would immediately place “Christian Financial Sanctions” on those companies that promote agendas and ideals that are contrary to our Biblically moral imperative.  Imagine for a moment the impact you could personally have in defunding non-biblical agendas and causes.

Our approach is simple.  We do not believe that one penny of a Christian’s investment dollars should be invested into companies that do not align with Christian values taught from the Holy Bible.

If the Christian community wants to truly change our society back to biblically-based principles, then we must stop funding the companies that are financially supporting the agendas and causes that are contrary to biblical values.

Our approach is more than simply not investing in things. Yes, the foundation of our platform is screening companies to make certain the ones we own do not participate in activities that stand contrary to our moral convictions. Through our support, and those like us, we will enable organizations with the most positive message to be the most influential in the future designs of our community.

Scripture warns that the volume of riches can increase, and the impact can lessen. The impact of our investments affects more than the return column on our account statements, it enables companies of high moral character to establish a greater presence in our community at large, while diminishing the impact of companies of lesser moral character.




What We Offer
  • Investment services offered through the expertise of seasoned, professional Money Managers.
  • Ability to fully diversify your investments across thirteen funds and five asset classes.
  • Anyone can invest, $0 minimums on all qualifying plans.
  • All funds are morally screened, helping you align your investments with your Christian values.


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